Educational Philosophy


LPA has been serving students in the city of St. Louis since 2013! We are happily settled into our permanent location at 1900 Lafayette Ave in Lafayette Square, after working from two temporary locations in our first three years. The 2019-2020 school year marks LPA’s first as a school serving kindergarten through eighth grades. LPA serves over 300 students, with 19 grade-level teachers and nine support staff teachers, including three full-time Special Education staff members, our students experience a teacher to student ratio of approximately thirteen to one.

LPA upholds the inquiry-based learning model as fundamental for enriching student perspective and increasing student exploration of the world around them. Teachers use a balanced-literacy approach with over 90 minutes of direct literacy instruction daily. Students learn how to engage with mathematical theories and practice through the highly rigorous program, Singapore Math. Science and Social Studies are project-oriented, community-based explorations designed to encourage creativity and inquisition. In addition to a complex approach to each of the core subjects, LPA students also enjoy physical education, technology, art, and music; attending each class one to four times weekly.

While academic success is essential to reach the vision of LPA, a critical component of its philosophy is in the support and structure we provide students. LPA uses a style adapted from Responsive Classroom to ensure each child’s needs are met. Students have the opportunity to form close-knit bonds with classmates through Community Circle (morning meeting), character education, and student leadership development.

LPA’s goals are for all of our students to achieve ambitious academic and personal outcomes; and for students feel developed and cared for as people such that they are empowered to become future leaders in our community and access unlimited opportunities no matter their economic background.

To this end, our priorities are:

  • Continuing to build a strong community that actively seeks diversity in all forms with an additional emphasis on race and class.
  • Intentionally engaging in relationship-building and collaboration with students, families and community partners. We communicate regularly and provide opportunities for families to be invested in the LPA community.
  • Fostering a rigorous, goal-oriented learning community that incorporates critical thinking, project-based learning and inquiry into all elements of instruction.