Goals and Priorities

At LPA, we know that the work of developing young people is urgent, critical, and powerful. We feel a profound responsibility to grow and develop our programs and ourselves to guarantee each student at LPA is receiving an excellent, well-rounded education. To ensure the entire team at LPA is aligned towards a common goal, we have developed a strategic plan for the 2016-2017 school year.


All of our students achieve ambitious academic and personal outcomes. Students feel developed and cared for as people such that they are empowered to become future leaders in our community and access unlimited opportunities no matter their economic background.


  • We continue to build a strong community that actively seeks diversity in all forms with an additional emphasis on race and class.
  • We intentionally engage in relationship-building and collaboration with students, families and community partners. We communicate regularly and provide opportunities for families to be invested in the LPA community.
  • We foster a rigorous, goal-oriented learning community that incorporates critical thinking, project-based learning and inquiry into all elements of instruction.

If you have questions, please reach out to Sarah Ranney, Head of School. (Sarah.Ranney@lafayetteprep.org)