Blog Post: Educating our Students in an Intentionally Diverse Community

By Sarah Ranney

LIMG_0008afayette Preparatory Academy is a unique school for many reasons. But, one of the reasons I am most proud of (as a parent, and an educator) is the commitment to facilitate learning in an intentionally diverse environment. You see it frequently in advertisements for schools, products and companies- a group of smiling people representing all different walks of life. I’ve worked in places where we have created these images. Frequently, you’re working to place the right people in the photo to sho
w diversity.

This photo is one from our Kindergarten class. These students are smiling and enjoying each other during an out-door field trip. It was sent by an LPA parent. This was the group that they were chaperoning. This was not a moment where someone rushed around and tried to collect a diverse group to represent the school. This was just a group of Kindergarten students learning together. All the pictures at LPA are like that. As the person who takes and posts 99% of our photos, I can attest they are a representation of a moment in time at LPA.

The students at LPA represent a plethora of experiences, races, ethnicities, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, religion, and family structure. At LPA you are just as likely to befriend someone who is completely different from you as to befriend someone who shares a common identity.  Not only does this create a rich, learning environment but it encourages students to explore difference in a safe and supportive environment. Questions about race and family structure are common here, and they are ok! LPA is a place where kids learn to question and explore the world around them. That world is a fascinating place full of all kinds of people. I feel thankful that this school provides a place for kids to experience that greatness.


*Sarah Ranney is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at LPA. Her son, Thomas will be joining LPA as a Kindergarten student in the 16-17 school year. Views in blogs belong solely to the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Lafayette Preparatory Academy as an organization.


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