Blog Post- Enrolling in Kindergarten, a Prospective Parent Perspective

My son, Thomas is 4 ½. We live in St. Louis City. My husband, Bryan and I have worried about what school he would attend since before he was born. I think it’s the conversation many St. Louis City parents are having, particularly those of us with the privilege to choose a different path. We researched many schools in the area- district, charter, parochial, independent. I’ve been working in Education in St. Louis for nearly a decade and I’ve had the privilege to enter many spaces of education. When Thomas was 2 years old, Lafayette Preparatory Academy opened. That winter I went to visit. I knew two of the founding teachers well and I wanted to see what LPA had to offer.  The thing that struck me the most was the feeling at the school. The ingredients for an amazing school were all there, even in January of year 1. I remember telling Bryan that this school should be added to the top of our list. It had everything we wanted. Children were loved at LPA. Children came from many backgrounds at LPA. Curriculum was rigorous and explorative. Teachers were dedicated and happy. The Principal was a visionary leader. I knew in January of that year that LPA could be the school for us.

It was after that visit that I began to toy around with the idea of working at this up and coming school. I wanted to be a part of this place and making it even better. And now, we are in year 3. We still have growing to do. We still feel like we are in start-up mode, developing and designing the school from the ground up. But, overall this is a good place for kids. This is a place where we learn from our mistakes, where we continue to develop new ways to reach and challenge and support our kids. This is a place where learning is fun, recess is daily and children are encouraged to be children. LPA is a place where kids are taught how to problem-solve. It is a place where the staff knows who your child is and what they care about. LPA is a good place for kids.

I have a 4 ½ year old son and October 1st is just around the corner. The staff is working diligently to revise the enrollment application for the 2016-2017 school year. Next year, the most special person in my life is headed to Kindergarten. I sometimes can’t believe I found a school that met the needs of our family so well. I can’t wait for my son to be part of the LPA family. I strongly encourage any parents reading this to consider LPA as a place for your child. Year 4 is going to be great!

*The LPA 2016-2017 application will be made available soon. Applications will be accepted for the 16-17 school year beginning on October 1st. Mrs. Ranney gives tours to prospective families on Thursdays at 10am. (Or you can join our 5pm tour with Mrs. Rucker, our Dean of Students.)