Blog Post: First Impressions are Lasting Impressions


By: Tina Grimes, 2nd Grade Parent


This is a phrase that I often quote to the young people that I mentor and train. I share with students

how important it is to give a positive first impression at all times because they never know who it is they

are meeting. They may meet someone who is able to give them a phenomenal internship opportunity,

offer them a full scholarship, or write a strong letter of recommendation for them. I remind them of the

importance of building a strong, solid reputation because people will always remember their first

encounter with an individual…the first time they met you. What was your demeanor? How did you talk

to them? What was your attitude? How did you make them feel?


As I reflect upon the beginning of this school year at LPA, particularly as a new parent, I must say that

my first impression of LPA has been a great one! Here’s one reason why:

When kids enter the building in the morning, they are greeted with a warm smile, words of

encouragement and oftentimes a handshake or a hug. The welcoming environment screams loudly,

“Good morning! We are so happy you are here! We are a supportive community! Come on in and

learn! YOU ARE SPECIAL!” How special it is to make kids feel valued and to reassure parents that they

are leaving their kids in the most caring, capable hands– in an extremely supportive environment! A

2009 CBS News Report offered that smiling has a number of benefits, including helping you present a

more positive image to others, calming you and actually making you feel happier (CBS Money Watch,

2009). Our scholars are reaping these benefits as they are warmly welcomed each morning with words

of encouragement and a smile.


Keep Smiling, LPA! Keep Making Scholars Feel Great Each Morning!