Blog: To Whom Cookies May Concern..

To Whom Cookies May Concern…

The holiday season is upon us and for me, that means momma’s (calorie packed)
cookin,’ hot cocoa, cookies, pumpkin pie, parties, movies, football… let’s be serious…
I could go on forever listing high calorie foods and activities that involve zero
movement that I will undoubtedly indulge in over the next few weeks. Unfortunately
a few horrifying thoughts creep in the back of my mind and dampen my holiday
spirit (a.k.a. holiday laziness). For example, ‘how many unwanted pounds will eating
two dozen cookies tonight tack on?’ Or, ‘It’s like 10 degrees outside, I don’t think I’m
going to go for my jog…hey, if I crank up the heat and get a good sweat going while
I’m watching Die Hard, that’s the same as exercising, right?’ …I wish, but the
answer’s to my thoughts are; somewhere around four pounds and no!
One thing we often talk about in PE class is making an informed life choice. That
means before I make a decision in regards to what I’m putting into my body, I want
to be educated about that choice and aware of any possible health risks. How you
spend your holiday season is entirely up to you and you shouldn’t feel guilty about
celebrating. However, the average American gains 7-10 pounds from Thanksgiving
through New Years so I encourage you to be mindful.

If you’re like me and the holiday season causes paranoia, here are some strategies I
use for minimizing weight gain;

  1. It’s cold… so don’t go outside: I despise exercising in the cold. I have to put on extra gear, the cold air can sometimes effect my lungs, and my nose runs like crazy! If I’m not feeling like fighting the elements I like to exercise at home.  Fast-paced home exercise routines are a great way to not only jump-start your metabolism but are also useful during times of “holiday boredom.” You can find countless core-strength and cardio routines
  2. Have dinner now, dessert later: I party hop a lot during the holiday season and with each new party comes a new opportunity to stuff my face. If I know I’m going to be attending several parties in one night, I try to pace my eating. The first party I attend I may only eat one helping of dinner foods. The second party I attend I may try one (or two) deserts and after that, I may just keep to beverages. Having an “eating strategy” can help me be mindful of the amount of food I’m consuming, give me something to look forward to, while also allowing me to treat myself.
  3. Stay Busy: Believe it or not, your body doesn’t need much food to meet your daily fuel requirement. The tendency for people to over-eat during the holidays is most often due to “holiday boredom.” I find my family gatherings exceptionally boring and / or awkward due to forced conversations and long hours spent together. In order to cope with the situation I find myself eating when I’m not hungry just because it’s “something to do.” Stay busy and on the move during the holidays to avoid these boredom calories.


I hope you found these tips helpful and you have a wonderful time bringing in 2018
with family and friends! Have a magical holiday season and Happy New Year!
P.S. Come on down to the gym sometime, I get lonely down there and would love to
share what we’ve been doing with you.

Much Love,
Coach A.