Why Enroll in LPA?

Looking at Culture:

  • LPA utilizes a Responsive Classroom-based management model to support student learning.  Students are supported with logical consequences and taught problem-solving strategies.
  • Families are active in the school through PTO and other volunteer opportunities.
  • Every staff member who has a child eligible to attend LPA because of their age and where they live, sends their child to LPA.
  • We are a mixed-income model school, our students and families cross many races, nationalities, and socio-economic backgrounds.
Looking at Teacher Preparedness:
  • Teachers are the backbone of LPA and ensure students are challenged and supported
  • Teachers attend 4-5 weeks of Professional Learning Institute every summer and 2 hours of Professional Development every Thursday after school
  • Teachers are decision-makers at the school. They serve on committees, help with hiring and create policy.
Looking at Content:
  • Students work in collaborative groups throughout the day.
  • Learning is project-orientated to help students utilize critical thinking.
  • In addition to core classes, physical education, art and music are attended by each class

Looking at Data (2014-2015):

  • 2nd highest Literacy Scores in St. Louis City on MAP test, 33.9% higher than SLPS, performing better than 83% of Charter Elementary schools
  • 4th highest Math Scores in St. Louis City on MAP test, 18.2% higher than SLPS
  • 71/110 are average or above average on the nationally-normed NWEA Math assessment
  • 75/110 are average or above average on the nationally-normed NWEA Reading assessment

Learn more about the process of Enrolling here- http://lafayetteprep.org/enrollment-2/

See our Fact Sheet for Prospective Parents for more information