Why Enroll in LPA?

Looking at Culture:

  • LPA utilizes a Responsive Classroom-based management model to support student learning.  Students are supported with logical consequences and taught problem-solving strategies.
  • Families are active in the school through PTO and other volunteer opportunities. Families are asked to volunteer 25 hours in service to the school and showcase many talents and skills to help the community.
  • Staff members also send their children to LPA, including support staff, teachers and administrators.
  • LPA is a mixed-income model school, our students and families cross many races, nationalities, and socio-economic backgrounds. Learn more about our Diverse by Design model here.
Supporting Data
  • 94% student attendance
  • 59% of students utilize animals to support learning and social emotional health. LPA has fish, a leopard gecko, a rabbit and a dog. Animal companions can help calm students, improve focus and inspire creativity.
  • 25% of students receive individual counseling  and 33% of students receive group counseling (LPA has 2 full time counselors on staff)
  • 100% of students benefit from guidance lessons provided by the counseling staff. (Such lessons include identifying positive relationships, being educated on mental health awareness by discussing topics such as Grief and Loss Month, assisting in building skills to prevent bullying, and educating children on Suicide Awareness.)
  • 87% of students utilize sensory supports. (Supports include items such as headphones, weighted vests or lap pads, alternative seat options and more!)
  • Less than 5% of LPA students have been suspended in the 18-19 school year. (Less than 1%  in the elementary school)
  • Suspension rates decrease each year. This is particularly powerful because the number of students at LPA increases. We also continue to have older students, where you might traditionally see bigger problems.  (13% suspension rate in 15-16, 12% in 16-17)
  • More than 70% of LPA parents rate LPA positively in our annual parent surveys
  • 94% of elementary school parents and 60% of middle school parents attend parent-teacher conferences

Looking at LPA Teachers and Staff:

  • Teachers are the backbone of LPA and ensure students are challenged and supported.
  • Teachers attend several weeks of Professional Learning Institute every summer and 2 hours of professional development each week after school.
  • Teachers are decision-makers at the school. They serve on committees, help with hiring and create policy.
Supporting Data

  • On average, 83% of LPA staff return each year
  • 3.3 years= the average length of time employed at LPA
  • 21% of the staff at LPA have been there for 5 or more years.
  • 56% of our staff have been at LPA since their role existed. (As a growing team, we add new roles each year!)
  • 31% of the LPA school staff identify as people of color.
  • 38% of LPA staff serve on committees that drive the strategic plan

Looking at Academics:

  • Kids develop schema for the world around them and then dive into project-oriented learning to utilize critical thinking.
  • Students work in collaborative groups throughout the day.
  • Instruction is provided at multiple levels to support students who are accelerated, gifted, on target or struggling.
  • In addition to core classes, physical education, art, technology and music are key to instruction each week at LPA.
Supporting Data (2018-2019):
  • 64% of students in 1st-7th grade are at or above grade level in Math (NWEA)
  • 32% of students in 1st-7th grades are on track to make more than 1 year of growth in Math (NWEA)
  • 67% of students in 2nd-7th are at or above grade level in Reading (NWEA)
  • 42% of students in 2nd-7th grades are on track to make more than 1 year of growth in Reading (NWEA)
  • 69% of students in 5th-7th grades are at or above grade level in Science (NWEA)
  • 35% of students in 5th-7th grades are on track to make more than 1 year of growth in Science (NWEA)

Learn more about the process of Enrolling here