Healthy Food at LPA

LPA values teaching children about healthy nutrition and the importance of a balanced meal. At LPA, we strive to ensure children are eating healthy food options that fill their stomachs and help fuel their brains, so that they can excel to become their personal best.

LPA contracts with CERES food company to provide hot (and cold) breakfast and lunch options at school everyday.  Children may choose from the main dish (which is healthy food, cleverly disguised in kid-friendly options), salad, or sandwich option. There are always vegetarian and gluten-free choices for kids (and adults)! Approximately half of the kids at LPA buy school lunch and approximately half bring their lunch from home. LPA utilizes the free and reduced lunch program to ensure that ALL students have healthy food options at ALL income levels.


Lunch is a fun time at LPA! Students eat with other classes and their teachers in our cafeteria! This helps build a strong community and encourages kids to try foods they might not otherwise try.

During lunch, our students are guided through mindful eating, where they are encouraged to notice how their food smells, tastes, and feels. Students also practice communication skills in a relaxed setting.

It’s important for children to fuel their bodies and their minds! All students at LPA are encouraged to bring healthy snacks everyday.  Snack times are built into the schedule to ensure students are prepared to learn throughout the day!

Looking for healthy snack ideas? Check out this link. – [bsk-pdf-manager-pdf id=”149″]

Many students at LPA choose to celebrate their birthdays (or half birthdays for summer babies)! We ask that all birthday “treats” meet our healthy snack guidelines. This helps limit the amount of sugar kids consume everyday AND ensures we are celebrating birthdays for all!

For students, the cost of a full price lunch is $4.00/day. The cost of breakfast is $2.25/day. Snacks during the day will be handled by the classroom teacher.

All funds are due by the last Friday of the month. You may submit payment in the main office between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

If you have questions about free/reduced lunch, please contact the front desk by calling 314-880-4458.

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