First Trimester

ThOliver LRECe first trimester in the second year of LPA was a great one. Students have already learned so much and grown in many ways. They have charged through the first part of the year as problem-solvers, inquisitors, and caring friends. They have formed deep personal relationships with peers and teachers. They have explored light and sound, plants, rocks and soil. They have learned how to structure their curiosity into a method for studying the world. They have read great tales of adventure and intrigue. They’ve learned about communities within their school and city and world. They have written stories that have adults belly laughing, narratives about who they are and what they care about and letters of persuasion for topics they care about (such as class pets, dress down days, and treats).

They have shown cooperation with others by taking ownership over their spaces and keeping them clean. They have asserted themselves as strong, independent thinkers. They have exhibited responsibility in other classrooms as they partner on projects and in reading. They show empathy for each other when someone is having a tough day. They exhibit self-control, even during the most exciting moments of the most exciting days. Being a student at LPA means many things to many people, but one thing it seems to mean to all is a family. Thanks to all the amazing people who make up this school. That is what makes us great.

Onward to an amazing 2nd trimester!