LPA Grows and Grows!

Lafayette Preparatory Academy is expanding! To be a part of this exciting growth, contribute here:

We have a goal of raising $36,000!

Read below for more information!

Lafayette Preparatory Academy strives to provide a wonderful education in a close-knit community that is reflective of the city we love. Children of all backgrounds grow and learn together, strengthening our community bonds.

In 2015-2016, LPA partnered with Urban Improvement Construction (UIC) to build an addition to our current building.

We started with this:


In 2016, we moved into our permanent and newly renovated home in Lafayette Square, thanks to the support of our partners: Urban Improvement Construction (UIC), Illinois Facilities Fund (IFF), Midwest Regional Bank, and hundreds of individual donors who supported our technology infrastructure and other finishing touches.

      In our 6th year (2018-2019), Lafayette Preparatory Academy began fulfilling one of its founding goals by expanding to support a new middle school. In summer of 2019, we welcomed 5th-8th grade students to their brand new 10,000 sq. ft. two-story classroom building.

The classroom expansion has provided eight new classrooms, two maker spaces, offices and an open-air courtyard.

We have also reconfigured certain elements of our current space to add a second art space, a dedicated music space, and reclaim our library/media center.

We are in the process of building the 5,000 sq. Ft. gymnasium/auditorium and expect to finish by January 2020. The gymnasium space will provide ample space for sporting events, social events, and community events.

We are seeking partners and donors to provide the many needed finishing touches to the gym/auditorium.

Specifically, we are looking for donors and partners to sponsor the equipment needed to fully outfit the space: basketball hoops, gym curtain, gym wall pads, bleachers, a sound system, electronic scoreboard, a mobile performance stage and the smaller equipment needed for a comprehensive physical education program.

If you are interested in partnering with LPA to donate toward or provide any of these items, please contact Donor Relations @ (314) 880-4458, donate@lafayetteprep.org

Thank you to Urban Improvement Construction (UIC), Illinois Facilities Fund (IFF), Providence Bank, Capital One, and the St. Louis Development Corporation for financing the addition.