LPA Wishlist

LPA is a school built by our community, for our community.

There are many ways to support LPA. We appreciate each and every member of our community who supports our ongoing efforts to provide an excellent educational experience for all of our children. We encourage you to find the right project at the right level for you.

In advance, we thank you for supporting Lafayette Preparatory Academy students.

1. Chromebooks – $300/student or $7,200/class

As our students age, we would like to provide each middle school student a Chromebook to work with each day (have a 1 computer to 1 student program). Each Chromebook costs $300, with the set up fees. In 2019-2020, we will have up to 144 middle school students.

2. Uniforms – $20/student/day or $100/student/week

Often, students need support in acquiring the necessary uniforms for school. On average, this would cost $20/day or $100 for five outfits to get through the week, You can either donate the amount, and we will purchase the uniform, or you can purchase them directly and bring them to school. Specifically, sizes for older students would be needed (size 12-16 kids, or smalls to larges in adults).

 3. Supplies for Investigations class – $50-$500 materials/week

Investigations is an interdisciplinary block during which students explore content and understandings through inquiry, creativity and problem-solving. Students apply concepts through innovative lenses, having the opportunity to participate in the design of the learning, pulling in concepts from each content area to support a robust, dynamic learning experience. During this block, students will lead their learning, as the teachers offer support and guiding questions. Each trimester, we offer special exploration areas such as architecture, entrepreneurship, drama, speech, debate, agriculture. etc.

This kind of learning requires many materials as students utilize design thinking, building their knowledge concretely at first and growing toward the abstract. These funds will go towards purchasing the many materials required to allow students to explore concepts, make mistakes and start over again – building their knowledge along the way.

4. Sponsor a child in aftercare – $12/day or $225/month (full-time enrollment)
5. Sponsor a child in a club – prices vary from $10/student-$100/student
 6. Sponsor a teacher going to professional development – prices vary, but is typically $100-$300/session/teacher.
 7. Support our general operating fund

LPA is committed to providing our students the best teachers, supplies and resources possible. Unfortunately, schools are underfunded, and we often find ourselves having to make tough decisions about what we can and cannot afford to do. We provide supports to students in many areas, but those supports are not fully reimbursed by the funding received. Therefore, we are always in need of support to our general operating fund. Thanks to generous supporters, we have been able to acquire our building, expand to accommodate our growth and hire great teachers. Please consider supporting LPA in this way.

LPA also has many opportunities to Shop to Support. Check out the details on our website HERE.

Click on the Donate Now! tab to make an online donation. Donations can also be dropped off at 1900 Lafayette Ave. between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. The value of each item is tax deductible, so please indicate the value of the item, so that we may provide you with the appropriate documentation.