LPA graduates are accepted into some of the best high schools in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. 

  • 78% of Alumni attend selective high schools.
  • 39% of LPA graduates attend: Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience, Metro or McKinley. These are three of the 10 best high schools in Missouri, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

LPA graduates are well prepared for the rigors of high school—and beyond. Alumni regularly stay in touch and share their success. Let’s hear from some of our Class of graduates:

  • “I am so prepared for all of the writing and hard work that school requires. All of the LPA teachers were just so great.”
  • “First of all, my brother and I are skipping 9th grade math… I’ve honestly been sweeping through (science class). My brother and I are the best ones in the class.”
  • “My (high school) English teacher was so surprised by the things I knew.”

High school teachers and parents see the difference an LPA education makes as well:

  • “I wanted to just drop a quick note to say how impressed I am with your students in my physical science class. They are eager to learn and curious, and they truly make our class much more fun and interactive.” –High school teacher
  • “I wanted to share with you personally how well (my son) is doing. He tested out of freshman math, enrolled in honors English and has both biology and physical sciences classes. He is loving school! You all prepared him well.” –Parent, Class of 2020

Our alumni’s success is proof positive that, when a school feels like family, students can excel faster and achieve more.