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The story of us.

St. Louis is a city rich in culture and diversity. It has a small, hometown feel with big-city opportunities. While there are many incredible attractions in the City of St. Louis, quality public schools haven’t always been among them.

Our vision was to change that. We created LPA because we believe St. Louis city residents should have excellent, comprehensive and free public education. Our school has always been a labor of love and a true, grassroots effort. Our close community is the heart of our students’ academic success, providing them with a place where they can excel and achieve their personal best.

Because students become critical consumers of knowledge and problem solvers, they are better prepared to make a positive impact on our community.

April 2023

LPA Celebrates 10 Years of Success

April 29, 2023|

LPA celebrates its decade of educational excellence with a carnival. Students, families, alumni, community members, and more come to celebrate LPA!

March 2023

10 Year Charter Renewal

March 7, 2023|

LPA celebrates 10 years of success and is renewed for another 10 years by the state board of education.

August 2021

LPA Full Grown

August 10, 2021|

LPA is fully grown with over 400 students in grades K-8

July 2021

Leadership Transition

July 1, 2021|

The founding Executive Director, Susan Marino, leaves LPA to become the director of charter schools at UMSL. Dr. Sarah Ranney is appointed as the new executive director after serving as the head of school for 7 years.

March 2021

Athletics Program Launches

March 1, 2021|

LPA launches its first athletics program featuring Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Soccer, and Volleyball.

May 2020

First 8th grade Class

May 19, 2020|

First class of 8th graders is promoted

January 2020

Middle School and Gym Expansion Completed

January 2, 2020|

LPA finishes expansion of middle school and gymnasium

September 2016

Our First Middle School

September 19, 2016|

LPA’s Middle School’s first year

July 2016

Our Forever Home

July 19, 2016|

LPA moved to our forever home at 1900 Lafayette

July 2015

Moving to a new Location

July 19, 2015|

LPA moved to 1881 Pine, while renovating our forever home

August 2013

The Doors are Open

August 19, 2013|

LPA opened doors to 74 K-2 students, in Christ Church Cathedral on Locust

March 2012

New Head of School

March 19, 2012|

Susan Marino hired as Head of School, UMSL agreed to sponsor LPA, and charter approved by DESE

March 2009

An Idea is created

March 19, 2009|

Group of local parents and community members dreamed of starting a charter school with the purpose of supporting the continued revitalization of St. Louis City.

LPA’s story is more than dates on a timeline, though. Our story is that of a community that came together to build a school. We have worked alongside each other to make the dream a reality. Together, we have built a story of community and love of learning. We have achieved so much together; the future only holds more promise.

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