At LPA, our teachers are more than employees who simply follow management decisions. Rather, our teachers are heavily involved in making those decisions—as they participate in shared reflection, problem solving and planning with the school leadership outside of the classroom. To help prepare our teachers for taking such an active role in LPA’s success, they participate in a wide range of development opportunities.

Professional development:

  • Professional Learning Institute (PLI): an intensive, multi-week professional development experience each summer.
  • Weekly Professional Learning Community (PLC):  regular meetings after school to analyze student data, reflect on effective instructional practices and collaborate to improve instruction.
  • Data Analysis Inquiry Protocol: Shared reflection and analysis of classroom data.
  • Lesson Study Inquiry Protocol: Discussions on best practices for designing and implementing lessons.
  • Teaching Practices Inquiry Protocol: Creating best practices for instruction.
  • Focused Instructional Leadership: Developing leadership potential within the classroom over the short- and long-term.