LPA staff members are proud to call our school home. Because our teachers are active leaders in shaping our school’s future, our turnover remains remarkably low.

  • 100% of our staff indicate they are “proud to work at LPA.”
  • 100% say they are “proud of how our school has responded to the COVID-19 crisis.”
  • 93% of the 2019-2020 staff returned for the 2020-2021 school year. (100% of those not returning moved out of state.)
  • LPA employees have worked here an average of 3.3 years. 21% have been here for five or more years.
  • 56% of our staff have been here since their roles existed. As a growing team, we add new roles each year.
  • 31% of our school staff identify as people of color.
  • 38% of our staff serve on committees that drive the strategic plan.

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