To educate and activate children to achieve academic and social success now and in the future.


Lafayette Preparatory Academy (LPA) will achieve the status of a top-tier school, innovating and leading the way toward transforming the learning landscape. All LPA students can and will achieve ambitious academic and personal outcomes. Their successes will have long-term impact on our communities.

In order to build and strengthen our communities, LPA students will grow to be future ready. Our staff and students will build a community of problem-solvers ready to step into the workforce of the future and lead the way. Upon graduation from LPA’s Middle School, students will have their choices of academically successful and challenging high schools within the region.

Core Values

  • Be Curious: We activate curiosity and desire for learning through inquiry. We embrace mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Cultivate Community: We know our students, families, and staff by name and story.
  • Elevate Joy: We design learning and community experiences that spark joy through every aspect of our program.
  • Design for Diversity: We all belong at LPA. We value a learning community that encourages and challenges us to expand our worldview and know each other more deeply.
  • Center Safety: Our community is safe and loved. We create a space that is physically, socially, and psychologically safe.